David Hewitt David Hewitt

David Hewitt has long been intrigued by the architecture and infrastructure of large urban cities – where new and weathered signs, buildings, and colors create a patchwork of interesting layers and texture. Seeing these objects randomly co-exist and intersect with each other provides David with his initial concepts and motivation to create.

David's work reflects a similar experience with layers of paint, images, and salvaged materials. Although he often begins a new piece with a central object and color palette in mind, his work evolves freely through a process of adding layers and textures, and then sanding them away.

Early in his career, David painted solely with oil paints, but this quickly evolved to include acrylic, fabric, wood, metal, and any other materials interesting enough to attach to the canvas. Over time, painting became creating, which then became constructing and soon David realized that "building" a painting was much more satisfying to him creatively.

David has also found inspiration from his travels across Asia, where his most recent home was in Tokyo, Japan. Currently, David lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.